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November - Product of the Month - The Buck BLC-30PG

- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Product of the Month The Buck BLC-30PG Complex Gradient Elutions are a snap with the BLC-30PG semi-prep Gradient HPLC. Adding a second pump saves you time and money when dealing with multi component separations. Samples which occupy more than 40% of the separation space should be done by gradient elution. The semi-prep pump is rated at 40ml per minute, allowing larger sample sizes. The BLC-30PG from Buck Scientific is great for: Purification of expensive samples Compound isolation & purification from complex mixtures Therapeutic agent production Chiral separations, Protein purification This semi-preparative binary gradient system with...

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2014 American Chemical Society (San Francisco)

We here at Buck would like to thank all of the friendly people who stopped by our booth at the American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco. Our trip was very successful and we always appreciate the positive feedback we get from our happy customers. Contact for any product inquiries you might have.    

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John Mellor -AA Product Manager final testing a 210VGP

The instruments here at Buck Scientific are really made for those that roll up their sleeves to get to work. The 210VGP is a workhorse which stoically operates perfectly day in and day out under less than perfect conditions. This AA finds it home in the most challenging environments for decades with the smallest operating cost of any AAS in the world. You see, our instruments are engineered by service engineers, if you can change a light bulb, you can fix a buck AA yourself with the cost of the part. There is no need to call the service tech,...

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