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Advanced Infrared Spectrophotometer Package

Advanced Infrared Spectrophotometer Package


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The Advanced M530 Package
comes complete with PLC-11M and Scan-n-Search

The main advantage of a dispersive Infrared Spectrophotometer is the lack of KBr optics, which are very sensitive to moisture and need to be replaced at great expense every couple of years. With a wave number range of 4000 to 600 cm- the M530 encompasses 85% of all IR applications, so unless your applications is outside the wavelength range or you need a 3-second scan time, the M530 should be the obvious choice.


Scan-n-Search Infrared Software Overview:

  • A complete program for handling Infrared data
  • A free viewer for infrared data
  • A free search program for FDM IR Reference Spectra Databases
  • Very easy to use, makes complex data manipulations simple
  • Scaleable from the teaching lab to the on-line process environment
  • Extensible using the powerful open-source Python programming language
  • Reads and writes data in industry-standard file formats
  • Collects data directly from the M530 IR spectrophotometer


PLC-11M ATR Accessory

The ease-of-use, the data precision, and the rapid throughput of sample runs make the PLC-11M an ideal tool for the QC environment, the research lab, and for the beginner.

The PLC-11M can be used for aqueous sample pastes & films, and soluble powders.

Single Reflection Prism Cell includes:

  • Transfer Optics
  • (1) Single Reflection ZnSe Prism (45°)
  • Flow-through Plate
  • Pressure Plate

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    • Hello Team. The Scan-n-Search Infrared Software can run in Windows 10? Thanks

      The EZ-SCAN software should work with windows 10 no problem.  We are running ehre on windows 10.