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Buck M530 Quick-Scan Infrared Spectrophotometer

Buck M530 Quick-Scan Infrared Spectrophotometer


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The Buck Scientific Model 530 IR is a dispersive infrared spectrophotometer which scans like a UV/Vis Spectrophotometer in the mid-infrared region (4000 - 600cm-1, or 2500.00 nm - 16666.67 nm) with a resolution of <3cm-1 from 4000cm-1 - 2000cm-1 and <2cm -1 from 2000cm -1 - 600cm -1. We use aircraft grade aluminum for all Buck instruments and powder coated textured finish for corrosion resistance. The M530 is an accurate and simple IR Spectrophotometer which is built to last and easy to maintain.

The M530 can communicate with external programs using either USB or RS-232 connections. The new design uses stronger stepping motors providing faster completion of “Go-To” commands. The Model M530 display is a touch screen. There are no buttons or switches on the face of the instrument. Touching the display screen accesses all of the instruments standalone functions. Spectra can be viewed on the instruments display screen during scans. This allows running survey scans without using a companion computer. Simplified stand-alone reporting provides tools for presenting measurement values as ratios in either Percent Transmission or Absorbance scales.

Our IR instrument uses a high energy optical design and a sensitive DLATGS detector for excellent resolution over the full infrared range. Maximum performance is achieved with a fast scanning mechanism that is completely microprocessor driven. Every unit is built by hand - in the USA - to meet the highest quality standards. The straight forward mechanical and optical design has a reputation for low maintenance and is easily serviceable with quality affordable parts. The system is intrinsically rugged and performs well in even the harshest environments.

The M530 is the easiest IR spectrophotometer to operate and maintain. Touchscreen controls set all instrument parameters for operation and rapid data collection. Advanced self-help menus are user friendly even on complex applications. The unit does not require purge of moisture and CO2 prior to use, allowing for fast and easy sample analysis.

Our Turn-key system has the lowest per-sample cost, and is half the cost of any other equivalent system! The rugged design and quick serviceability result in long term cost savings for your laboratory. You will find that the M530 is the most cost effective infrared system available anywhere.

The M530 has a simple 7" color touchscreen for stand alone operation.


Detector: 1 x 2mm DLTGS (Deuteriated L-Alanine Doped Triglycine Sulfate)
Sensitivity: 1V / milliwatt
Source: Nichrome wire-wound ceramic core
Power Consumption: 36W @ 1250K
Dimensions: 26.25" W x 15.25" D x 7.25" H
Weight: 60lbs.
Power: 115 / 230VAC, 50 /60Hz, 150 watts
Sample Compartment: 150mm square
Outputs: RS-232 and USB
Resolution: Nominally 4000cm-1 - 2000cm-1 <3cm-1 & 2000cm-1 - 600cm-1 <2cm-1

  • BuckScan software for instrument control and data acquisition
  • Wave number range 4000 to 600 cm-
  • 2 cm-1 Nominal resolution
  • Four scanning speeds 3, 6, 12, and 24 minutes
  • RS-232 serial port & USB port

Application Notes

 FunChem Classroom Apps


 Download M530 Brochure

 Download M530 Manual

 Download "Scan-n-Search" Software for 30 Day Trial


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