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NMR Ready & MAS-II Microwave Package

NMR Ready & MAS-II Microwave Package


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NMReadyTM & MAS-II Synthesis Microwave Package

This academic package includes the NMReadyTM Benchtop NMR Spectrometer and the MAS-II Synthesis Microwave System.

NMReadyTM Benchtop NMR Spectrometer

The NMReadyTM is the quick easy to use Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer.

About the size of a shoe box, and simple to use, it is taking what is possible in the classroom to the next level.

Click here to learn how to easily incorporate the NMReadyTM into teaching laboratories

At 60Mhz the NMReadyTM is a powerful spectrometer which can produce fast accurate results for a wide variety of applications in many different industries including:

  • Petroleum - Benzene and oxygenate quantification
  • Petrochemical - Polymer QA/QC
  • Alternative Energy - Biodiesel characterization
  • Agriculture and food science - adulteration of olive oil, fat & moisture content
  • Pharmaceutical - quantification of composite antibiotics, reaction monitoring
  • Environmental - Remediation & BTEX analysis 


Frequency: 60 MHz
Magnet: Permanent, cryogen free
Stray Field: Contained within the enclosure
Nuclei: 1H, 19F, 1H/19F switchable
Lock: 2H
Sample: Standard 5mm NMR tubes
Sensitivity: 20:1 1% ethylbenzene, single scan
Resolution: 50%: <2 Hz, 1% <20 Hz
Power: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Weight: 53lbs
Dimensions: 9.5x11x17”
User Interface: Built-in touchscreen
Installation Recommendations & Guidelines
Operating Temperature: 18-26˚C
Temperature Fluctuations: +/- 1.5˚C per hour
Location: Avoid vibrations & moving motors
Additional Processing: Mestrelab Research MNova
Power: Dedicated outlet


MAS-II Synthesis Microwave System

MAS-II is an enhanced microwave synthesis reaction workstation made for various reaction conditions. Unique patented Two Channel Temperature Monitor system is designed for large scale reaction states such as liquid, solid, and liquid-solid mixture. Advanced microwave power auto-adjust function based on reaction temperature would generate non-pulse continuous microwave power for maximum microwave effect under specific reaction condition. Mechanical and Magnetic stirring devices are transferable, and stirring speed is visible and adjustable. TFT color LCD screen is monitoring the whole process of reaction (patented). The intake of inert gases has been equipped.

Technical Data:

  • Dynamically adjust microwave power between 0-1000W based on reaction temperature to generate non-pulse and continuous microwave heating. Maximum power can be set into 10 ranges, increments of 100W.
  • Dual channel temperature monitor, theoretically maximum working temperature is 900°C, vendor suggested maximum temperature is 400°C (need appropriate reaction case), standard configuration can support 250°C, precision 1 degree.
  • Mechanical and Magnetic stirring devices are transferable. Stirring speed is adjustable and would be displayed.
  • Standard interface reaction container (cubage from 20ml to 1000ml) and condensation, circumfluence devices, intake of inert gases.
  • Dual screen display for reaction data and accumulating temperature curve, TFT color LCD screen for monitoring and recording (through connecting to VCR) the whole reaction process (patented).
  • Preset up to 30 reaction methods, there are more than 5 reaction variables changeable in each method, e.g. time, temperature, step, microwave power, stirring speed, etc.

Performance Specifications

Dual channel IR temperature sensor supports surface and internal temperature monitoring of reactant. High precision IR temperature sensor provides high sensitivity and no delay effects, generating a safe and convenient operating platform for microwave organic reaction application.

Two-pages crisp monitor display both reaction data (temperature, time, microwave power, stirring speed and working steps) and accumulating curve of temperature of reactant.

Microwave power would be automatically adjusted between O - Maximum preset power based on temperature of reactant, generating non-pulse continuous microwave heating.

On-site camera and TFT LCD monitor system help operator instantly observe and record reaction process.

Two stirring device (mechanical and magnetic) with adjustable speed and real-time display.

Optional connection to PC with Windows interface software.


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